openend [# 001_MR] is the first result of a transdisciplinary project which is based on the figure of Isabel of Aragon (1269-1336).

steadying in the centrality of this character that keeps alive the coimbra spirit, we intend to transfer her body, covered by history with the aura of immortality, into an artistic dimension, allowing their on reflection on its importance in the context of
XXI century of Coimbra's materiality and spirituality.

openend [#001 MR] 
July 4 to 28 2013

Curator: Carla Alexandra Gonçalves
António Azenha, António Jorge, Benvinda Araújo, Jorge Simões, José Carlos Nascimento, José Pedro Reis, José Vieira, Pato (Rodrigo Canhão), Pedro Medeiros
Performance: António Azenha