The Association ICZERO presents "Déjà Vu", an exhibition of José Carlos Nascimento, and "New Cross", preparatory study for a project with the same name by Achilleas Tilegrafos and José Carlos Nascimento.

"Déjà Vu" is the result of a project of José Carlos Nascimento held in Coimbra and materialized in a set of several color photographs of circular staging tables that the artist had already, and returning to them. It is a group of superb images of settings for the beauty and especially the colors and the light that underpinning. The allusions to classicism is overwhelming, referenced in the format of the pieces in Renaissance tondos, the density of the light sweet, the scenographic choices and color palette suggest us transparencies and thin glazes of paint. 

"New Cross" embodies a project still in development, by José Carlos Nascimento and the teacher and Greek photographer Achilleas Tilegrafos. The idea is to give a new generator towards a set of photographic images without reading, integrated, can achieve multiple meanings. The number of pieces alludes to the city and spaces, as well as details of the reality which takes shape and expression only in the moment you arrive to the reception or reading. Blown away, these pieces do not have a speech concatenator. Incorporated in copyright pairs, forming always a double, José Carlos Nascimento and Achilleas Tilegrafos images invite to new revelations, trying to give directions to configurative diptychs that the authors created randomly. 
Carla Alexandra Gonçalves

"Déjà Vu + New Cross"
June 1 to 29, 2013