The Space for Arts, Media and Performance presents two exhibitions and a video art screening: "Toys Re Replay", sculptures by Antonio Azenha; "Métiers du Monde /World Trade", selected photographs of the contest sponsored by Fondation Alliance Française ans a Videolab screening inspired by the photography competition organized by the Alliance Française de Coimbra "Métiers du monde".

"Toys Re Replay", it is project work in progress, in which the shapes of various objects converge to iconic sculptures, representing time and space, generational, in which he uses the toy as an aggregator.The same exhibition includes a performance of Antonio Azenha inspired by the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin:"... Although successful, the townspeople abjured his promise and refused to pay ... ""Métiers du Monde," photography contest developed by the Fondation Alliance Française in third edition, is an international competition that aims to show men and women in extraordinary diversity of professions today, the beauty and the difficulty of daily occupations. This contest is an opportunity to discover the natural and professions to observe their evolution.The session VideoLab "Laissez-moi faire mon travail" is not directly linked to professions, but makes rather a reflection on the issues raised about the relationships between people and their actions. An action always involves taking a position and that position often crashes with others, with what surrounds us and sometimes ourselves.Supermen in suits (1'32'') Chris Daykin | Sri Lanka | 2005Ouch! Bad Company 1 or # Butifarra Angel (4'31'') Andrea Innocent & Marcel.lí Antúnez | Portugal / Spain | 2010The Entitled (3'30'') Arzu Ozkal Telhan | Turkey | 2004I'm Sold (3'31'') Benjamin Chee Siew Meng | Malaysia | 2009Lights Out (2'47'') Jan Hakon Erichsen | Norway | 2006The gardener who had no projects (14'33'') Maria Lusitano Santos | Portugal | 2003We Are Winning Do not Forget (7 ') Jean Gabriel Perriot | France | 2004Curators: José Vieira, Marion Mistichelli, Sérgio Gomes
Contest Juri:
Paulo Abrantes, Dinis Alves, Ana Botelho, João Santos de Almeida, Jorge Simões, Susana Paiva, José Vieira 
Organization: Alliance Française de Coimbra, IC Zero Association, VideoLab Project
Support: Fnac Coimbra

 António Azenha's exhibition opening

 Videolab Screening

Expo Métiers du Munde